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General Update

Since we went to Gaidhealtachd  at New Years things have been pretty much run of the mill.

We have been doing a number of things with the SCA

  • Mondays we host a music group in which we are learning a number of period dance tunes
  • Tuesdays we have started training with the Rapier group
  • Thursdays we are still dancing with the renaissance group
  • I have been authorised as a Target Archery Marshall
  • Wendy lead a workshop on beginner harp
  • I ran a workshop on arrow making
  • We attended St Sebastians, an archery themed camp
  • Wendy has been involved with an advanced ensemble group to get a better grounding in medieval music theory, as well as getting to play some more challenging bits than the Monday night group is up to.

After running the arrow making workshop and getting out and doing some training shoots I have finally decided to finish making the arrows that I purchased all the bits for 5 years ago. Should keep me busy for a few weeks.

Away from the re-enactment scene things are a still busy. Wendy still has her students. I have been working on some large  migration projects at work that have been keeping me busy.

We have also been planning for our trip to the UK in June. We have the key things worked out, just need to book flights and then fill in a few blanks.


For the last 3 years we have been attending the NZ Gaidhealtachd.

The Gaidhealtachd is a 7 day Celtic culture camp that takes place from the 1st of January each year. Most of the activities are around music and dance, but there are also talks on history and language.

This year was a wet camp. We arrived on the 1st in rain. managed to put up our tent under the marquee, thank the gods we bought a dome tent this year, and once the rain eased up we carried it out and started moving in. By the time we were done we were soaked though. Tuesday we had to head back to Auckland for Wendy’s cousins wedding, this allowed us to throw the wet stuff though the dryer.

The rest of the week was better, it rained on and off but the camp was good fun, we practiced some of our music and attended a couple of workshops.

Each evening there is a Ceilidh each evening and open sessions in the evenings for people to play and dance at.

As with previous years I took lots of photos. Over the week i think i took around 2600. Of these I have chosen about 160 to upload.



So after about a year of planning the next major adventure started on Monday afternoon.

Wendy and I got married.

The ceremony was held at the Bridgewater Country Estate and was officiated by Peta Hardley.

It was a great day and we were really pleased to see so many people able to attend. The weather was glorious, there was just enough cloud cover to allow for the photographs and to stop me getting way too hot.

Wendy was absolutely stunning and I am so proud to have her as my wife.

David, my eldest son, also did a wonderful job as best man, it really meant a huge amount to me that he was there.

We were also fortunate to have the lovely Anna Dunwoodie and Shane Stewart compose and play a processional for us. They also played our first dance for us.

On a musical note our flatmate Nigel wrote a special song for us that went down very well. The evening was rounded off with music from Rory at last minute dj.

As soon as pictures are back from Nina we will share them.