Monthly Archives: January 2016


For the last 3 years we have been attending the NZ Gaidhealtachd.

The Gaidhealtachd is a 7 day Celtic culture camp that takes place from the 1st of January each year. Most of the activities are around music and dance, but there are also talks on history and language.

This year was a wet camp. We arrived on the 1st in rain. managed to put up our tent under the marquee, thank the gods we bought a dome tent this year, and once the rain eased up we carried it out and started moving in. By the time we were done we were soaked though. Tuesday we had to head back to Auckland for Wendy’s cousins wedding, this allowed us to throw the wet stuff though the dryer.

The rest of the week was better, it rained on and off but the camp was good fun, we practiced some of our music and attended a couple of workshops.

Each evening there is a Ceilidh each evening and open sessions in the evenings for people to play and dance at.

As with previous years I took lots of photos. Over the week i think i took around 2600. Of these I have chosen about 160 to upload.