Week 1 of the holiday

So we are 1 week in and it has been a busy one.

Arrived around lunch time on Thursday, headed to Denise’s house to drop bags etc. Then into Edgware to pickup UK SIM cards and a car. By 7:30pm Ian was asleep.

Woke up Friday around 9am and started sorting out what we would need for the first road trip; TORM, West Dean and Southampton.

Drove to Ryton on Dunsmore to attend The Original Re-enactors Market (TORM). Had a good look round all the stalls and picked up a couple of bits. Then off to the hotel to catch up with various people. Stayed up until around 1am talking to people. Saturday started with breakfast at 9am and then off to the market again.

Continued looking round the stalls and picked up a couple of things that we had seen the day before but wanted to think on. Found someone that can make Ian’s outfit for our wedding so he got measured. Just need to confirm styles and colours.

Saturday evening was spent back at the hotel for dinner with various traders and re-enactors. After the previous late night we opted for an early night.

Sunday started with packing and breakfast. The plan for the day was to drive to West Dean sightseeing on the way. After leaving Coventry we decided to stop in on Coombe Abbey. While this is now a hotel we had a good walk round the gardens, despite the cold. From there we headed to Cirencester for lunch and then on to Avebury. We spent a couple of hours walking around the town looking at Europe’s largest stone circle.

From there we drove to some of the outlying bits of the Avebury circle and then on to Marlborough for a late afternoon tea.

Then it was onto West Dean to catch up with Jennie and Mike, as well as Lucy. After dinner and a bit of chat we headed to bed.

Monday started out as a bit of a lazy start. After breakfast we went into Salisbury to have some lunch and then look at the cathedral. As well as having a good look round we got to look at one of the 4 remaining original copies of the Magna Carta. Then it was back to West Dean for dinner. Ian fell asleep on the couch for a bit, it has been a bit of a theme of the first week.

Tuesday we had a look at the 14th century chantry, all that is left of the first church in West Dean. From there we went to Romsey to look at the Abbey, then onto Southampton to visit Ben and Meri.

As they had been renovating Tuesday evening was spent helping unload a storage trailer before ordering chinese. Ian again fell asleep on the couch.

Wednesday was an early start to get back to London. Stopping off at Ian’s mums to drop bags before heading to Cole and Adams ‘Stag’ do. They had decided to do some archery and then go to a friends place for a BBQ. An enjoyable afternoon and evening was spent catching up and talking about random things. Then back to Denise’s to sleep.



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