Electric Car for Indonesia; Why Not?

The innovation today lets people to create something new in order to make life become easier and simpler. One of the innovations in this world that we can discern is car innovation. Some car industries try to adapt their products with the needs of consumer. One of the needs of consumer and of course our world’s need is a non- polluted car to safe our air. We all know what a greenhouse effect will do to our world so non-polluted things including car is a must for today.

People now can enjoy an electric car, a non-polluted one that can save our life from negative effect from greenhouse effect. Electric car was fist invented in Scotland by Robert Anderson. This electric car then became mass transport in 1886, using 28 cells to supply fire engine. Eleven years later, Walter Bersey designed an electric vehicle which then produced massively by London Electronic Cab Company. The car can travel to 80, 5 km before recharge. Thomas Davenport created a small scale electric car in 1835.

Electric car has some benefits for us. It doesn’t pollute the air like conventional car. It is energy saving and doesn’t cause any noise. The car will not cause any fire if it is crash because of non-fuel using. The expiring time for an electric car is 90 years if people use to drive 50 mils per day. Car maintenance in electric one is cheaper than conventional car.

Regarding to the benefits presented above, it is time for Indonesia to use electric car. Indonesians are likely to have subsidized fuel and it is dangerous thing because one day fuel will ran out. As Indonesian we can learn about rareness of fuel in this country and how people suffer because of being dependent on it. We can save fuel by using electric car. Indonesia is ranked on 21stamong C02 emitter countries in the world in 2000. The using of fossil energy forced us to pollute environment and finally will kill ourselves.

Electric car is a need for Indonesia despite some people now are debating over about the price and production. As a big country Indonesian government needs some improvements in any field of life. The dependence of fossil energy should be stopped, now is time to move to a better life.